He is risen! Jesus is alive!

He is risen! Jesus is alive!

Mathew 28:5-7 The angel said to the women, “do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus who was crucified. He is not here; He is risen, just as He said. Come and see the place where the Lord lay. Then go quickly and tell His deciples. “He has risen from the dead and is going ahead of you into Galilee. There you will see Him.” Now I have told you.


Easter Bunny Cake

Gloverly Cupcakes

easter bunny cakeAfter I made a dinosaur cake for David’s son’s birthday, he asked me if I could make an Easter cake. As soon as he said he wanted a silly (rather than serious) cake, I came up with an idea… I loved the style of the drunk robin cake I made at Christmas and decided to make it Easter themed – so instead of drunk robins on a tree trunk, I wanted to make bunnies who’d eaten too many carrots on a raised vegetable bed. The problem is, now I’ve made it, I want to keep it!

easter bunny cake

I initially thought of making one large cake, covering the sides to make it look like a wooden planter, and then decorating it with a couple of bunnies. But after David asked if he could have more than one flavour of cake again, I decided that making 2 or 3 smaller “vegetable patches” would…

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I have made these cute little elephants for a few cakes in the past and everyone seems to love them.  As it turns out they are relatively simple to create.  If you aren’t used to working with fondant, think of it like play-doh, except it’s more expensive and tastes better.  Well, a little better 😉

Some elephant cakes:



For the tutorial I decided to make a girly elephant in pink and green.


Start with a large ball of pink fondant and small amount of green fondant.  I use about a 2/3 fondant to 1/3 gum paste ratio.  This makes it easy to mold, but will also dry hard.


Shape the body into an egg and insert a piece of spaghetti.  I used bucatini which is hollow and sturdier and most importantly, I had it in my pantry.


Stick the body onto some styrofoam or an egg carton to dry while…

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Completed garden

Ok, so I know you have probably seen these little gardens on other sites as well as Pinterest but I had to give it a go on my own. I have wanted to make one of these since last Easter when I first discovered them. What a beautiful and symbolic way to recognize the empty tomb, where Jesus had been laid to rest, that first Easter morning so long ago.

Yesterday, after my hubby and I endured the torture of getting our taxes done, I decided to run some errands before our massive springtime snow storm hit. While I was out and about I made a snap decision that on this yucky cold and gray day we were going to assemble a resurrection garden.

This was a pretty inexpensive craft. There are not a whole lot of items to gather and it only took a few minutes to put together…

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Panda in the Room

IreneIrving's Crafty Creative

I had ordered some superfine merino wool top it’s so soft and fine and I wondered how it would respond to needle felting, and as the order was for black and white a panda was the first thing to come to mind. So here he is. He is thread jointed so there is a little manoeuvre for posing.

Working with the very fine superfine 18.5 Micron 100’s merino wool, felt lovely, however it was very ‘slippy’ with parts of the panda escaping from my work surface on a regular basis.

It will take a little more practice to work with this, I used a 40 gauge triangular needle to try to smooth the surface. I do think that I need to work this some more but it’s getting the balance right, if I work it too much the needle marks become more prominent

I was wondering if I recorded my…

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