Cross Stitch Kitsch

I love Thomas Kinkade. I first learnt about him while out shopping and spotted a new gallery with these amazing Disney paintings inside. I immediately went home and googled the artist and to see where I could get prints of his work. Thomas Kindkade is known as the ‘Painter of Light’ which I think is a brilliant description of what he does. His paintings are just so colourful and stir up great feelings of nostalgia and happy memories which I’m sure most people get from Disney films.

Here are a couple of his paintings to give you an idea of what I’m on about…..


I’ve spotted a couple of cross stitch kits of Thomas Kinkades work before but always in the dark out of stock corners of Amazon or Ebay….So, as you can imagine when I spotted that you can now buy these paintings as cross stitch kits from Sew…

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