How much is Too Much??


… and how much is not enough??

Welcome to Question Time!

“How many decorations are too much, or what is too little?”

Tonight I’ll be answering this question within the context of Children’s parties!

This question has inspired me to write a few more posts about kids’ parties which you’ll be seeing over the coming weeks! Exciting right!?!

So let’s get into it!

How much is too much and How much is not enough when it comes to decorations for children’s parties??

As we all know, creating parties for kids lets us bring out the inner child in ourselves. We like to get creative, making themed birthday parties with fairies, superheroes, makeup and cars, plenty of glitter, paint and all sorts of yummy treats!

Many kids have awesome birthday ideas and sometimes parents go along with these…but exercise caution here…children’s parties are quite similar to other parties, they really need…

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