Cupcake Ice Cream Cones


These just look adorable and are great for little hands to eat a cupcake

mattyeric 078

All you need is Ice Cream Cones and your favorite Cake Mix ( we love Betty Crocker )

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Red Velvet Fourth of July Cupcakes

Miss Boulanger's Boulangerie

red velvet fourth of july cupcake stars

Have you thought about the fact that we’re days away from July, the SEVENTH month of 2013? Where did the first half of this year go?!

red velvet fourth of july cupcakes stars

This also means we are rapidly approaching the Fourth of July! Just for you all, I made these cupcakes in advance so you can try your hand at them for your own July 4th celebrations. Just for you, I endured the puzzled looks of my professors and fellow grad students, who weren’t sure if I had just gotten the dates mixed up (“You do know the Fourth of July is on July 4, right?”) or if I was feeling suddenly patriotic (perhaps as a celebration of the recent SCOTUS rulings?). Just for you, I stayed up way past my bedtime to make these cupcakes and stars, then woke up early to cut out…

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The Glorious Red, White and Blue-For Cake!


As our 4th of July posts keep progressing, we keep getting more and more excited with each idea. Todays? The good ol’ patriotic red, white and blue…but with cake! Can it get any better?! We are in awe of how amazing these cakes look but are sooo happy that they all come with DIY tutorials so you too can make these lovely desserts for your 4th. It doesn’t get any better than the stars and strips showing off their colors in a cake, especially for 4th of July so let’s get to it!

DIY red white and blue american flag cake

{Amazing right? I love the little white candy sprinkles for stars too! Get this DIY recipe cake from Betty Crocker}

DIY Red White and blue layed cake for 4th of July

{Everything is perfectly patriotic about this cake. From the red white and blue layers to the berries on top! Get this DIY recipe from Unusual 2 Tasty}

DIY red white and blue bundt cake for the 4th!

{The red, white and blue icing to the…

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Roly Poly Pudding Exploding Box II

Monika's Blog

Hello Everybody,

back with the second helping of my catty exploding box, made using the fabulous Nicecrane Designs Roly Poly Pudding images. You’ll find them listed under ‘New Products’.

inside box all

Well as mentioned yesterday, behind the outer 4 squares there are some pockets, for which I made some tags. These tags have little printed messages, which I made up on my computer. These messages make up a little story about ‘Life’. The beginning and the end are visible once the box is opened up, the in between bits to complete the story are on the tags, so here they are …

inside V   inside VIinside VII   inside VIIinside IX

Well, there is nothing else I can add.

If you want to copy this idea of my story, it would be nice if you would give credit to me or even link back to my original post. This little story was inspired by Boris and the lovely images by Nicecrane Designs

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