The Knitted Teddy

Carol Turner

Teddy BearsI’ve spent most of April creating a selection of different Teddy Bears, and what a joy that has been. No nursery or childs bedroom would be complete without them which makes it hard to believe the Teddy Bear only dates from the early twentieth century. Although teddies can be made in a variety of different materials from faux fur to plush luxury fabrics there is something  appealing about the knitted teddy. So homely, endearing and full of character.

The first bear I completed was Molly bear, she was hard work, especially as her clothes were knitted  in 4ply (seemed to take forever to knit up) but I was pleased with the result. She stands at 18 inches with floppy leg joints so she can sit in any position. She’s dressed (clothes are removable) in stripey polo neck jumper, lilac shorts and little white ankle socks and pink shoes with a…

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