The Cost of Cakes

love . bake . learn . make . laugh

With house sale coming along slowly, I’m starting to think about how practical it might be to set up a cake decorating company.

I have my food hygiene certificate, and hopefully I’ll have a suitable kitchen, and I have a full-time job to back me up, but I’d love to try to do this.

The problem is knowing how much to legitimately charge.

This weekend I was making a cake topper for a friend of the family. She wanted a figure of her friend reclining on a chaise longue or sofa, reading a book, with piles of books, and a cup of tea.

She was very specific (because I asked her to be) about how her friend should look and what she might wear (down to the painted toenails).

This is the result, it’s on a 6″ cake board, and the chaise is about 5″ x 2″ ish.

1005872_10151456744107045_489818515_n  1013944_10151456744097045_374028250_n

I think…

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