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red velvet edited

In an attempt to get into regular blogging, I have decided that to come up with a new routine. Two posts weekly, how does this sound? I like things to be predictable (another Taurean trait of mine) so I shall make Mondays and Thursdays the days that you can expect to see new posts. Ahh… I’m getting excited already. I hope you are too!

The cupcake pic above is irrelevant to this post but I thought I’ll just put it here anyway because blog posts without any pictures are just boring… These are red velvet cupcakes that I made for 2 friends’ combined birthday celebration recently. The topping is cream cheese frosting (tinted with champagne pink colour) and I made those mini flags with washi tape. Ain’t they cute?

Unfortunately I have no recipe to share today as these red velvet cupcakes are my signature and the recipe is very special to me. Sorry folks…

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