Field Trip: Beading with Sylvie

Squirrel Picnic

Earlier this month, Hodge and Podge and I went on a field trip to visit my friend Sylvie Abecassis who was kind enough to teach us how to make a rosary link necklace. Sylvie and I had attended the Rocky Mountain Bead Show last April, where I came upon the mother load of vintage Bakelite beads and buttons. I couldn’t help myself from buying as much as I could carry. A lot of the beads were rather large and I was having trouble visualizing what I would make from them. As much as I love big jewelry, I wasn’t really keen on looking like Wilma Flinstone either.

Sylvie had the perfect solution: rosary links. So I showed up with squirrel friends, cheesecake, and beads, and we set out to tackle my necklace. Sylvie, always the generous artist, gave me the flat yellow beads from her collection. They’re so pretty!


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