The 25 Most Unbelievable Things Ever Made From Snow


1. Creepily Accurate Snowdog
2. Pineapple That Is No Longer Under The Sea
3. Incredible 3-D Portrait
4. Divine Cathedral
5. Sculpture Straight From A Shampoo Commercial
6. Jolly Buddh…
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The 25 Most Unbelievable Things Ever Made From Snow

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Fantastic Christmas cake

knits by sachi

I just fell in love with this cake and I had to share it with you.
This is made by my sister in Tokyo. She is not professionally trained, but she is very good at cooking and baking. You can see that already.

When I was a child whipping cream was just coming into the market. Most cakes were covered with butter creams. In kindergarten on my birthdays, I was given a piece of cake with butter cream and a glace cherries on top. It was very sweet and heavy, and I cannot say it was my favorite.

The first time when I discovered the whipped cream, I could not believe there was such a delightful thing on earth. It was so light and pleasantly sweet. I wanted to sleep in it!

It was 40 years ago now. We can find anything in supermarkets, We have an abundance of delicious…

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Wedding Cakes


Choosing or deciding what kind of wedding cake to have always just ends up going traditional with a fruit cake just covered in icing with about 3 tiers. Why not go for something different, make it unique and wow your family members and friends with a cool looking cake! You can make it fit to what you like, make the icing your favourite colour, literally everything and anything you want! Need some inspiration, check out these 50 most beautiful wedding cakes.

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