Candy Cane Sugar Cookie Crochet Pattern

Squirrel Picnic

Crochet Candy Cane CookiesDo you remember making “snakes” (either with clay or dough) when you were a kid? Kids love rolling the dough on the table or between their hands until a snake appears, seemingly by magic. Many things can be made with these “snakes.” There’s coffee mugs if you’re using clay and pretzels if you’re using dough, but we’re talking Christmas here, so we’ll concentrate on my personal favorite use of a dough snake… the candy cane sugar cookie.

To re-create this classic Christmas cookie in yarn, I would need to make two long snakes in red and white. That was easy – just make I-cords! But then came the question of how to twist them together. I deliberated over adding wire or sewing the two strands together, until my husband provided a great solution – torsion! This tutorial will show you how by twisting one cord really tight…

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