holiday greeting cards

December is here. The countdown is on. The lights are all up. The Christmas cards will be sent shortly! I couldn’t send them without showing you guys how to make these über easy holiday cards. If you don’t celebrate Christmas,  you can adapt this idea and make generic holiday greeting cards. Give yourself a good afternoon to work on them – especially if you’re thinking of making upwards of 20 cards. This year I only did 15.

You will need:

1. card stock paper and envelopes (super easy to find at your nearest craft store)

2. felt

3. googly eyes (not quite sure what the technical name is)

4. letter stickers

5. a really nice felt tip marker

6. *if you’re feeling extra crafty (not pictured below) grab some decorative ribbon.

7. glue gun

designingcardsmaterialsOnce you have all of your supplies, count off how many cards and envelopes you will…

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