Thinking Outside the Gingerbread Box

By: Gina Clowes, Director of Education, FARE

In our family, we don’t have a ton of traditions. Although I like things orderly, I was never one to insist on things being done the same way year after year.

One of the silver linings of this mindset is that I can think outside of the box pretty easily, which came in handy when my son Daniel came along with multiple food allergies. During the holiday season, delectable gingerbread houses seemed to pop up everywhere,  and with allergies to seven of the top eight allergens, 90% of the ingredients weren’t safe for him.

I wanted a decoration that my son could help build, but also one that would not pose a danger if he decided to sneak a piece during the holiday festivities (something that was guaranteed to happen).

As I perused the baking aisle, the flour, buttery frostings, nuts, coconut, marzipan…

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