My latest parchment craft project


Meepo Life


I have started to go to weekly parchment craft classes. It’s such an intricate art form, and often quite time consuming too.

To make the above project, I first copied the outline of a flower pattern with fine coloured felt tips known as pergaliners. Then I turned the parchment over and coloured in the back with thicker felt tips. I turned the parchment right side and coloured again the flowers and leaves with polychromos pencils, which are the go to oil based pencils that parchment crafters use. Then on the back again, I embossed small portions of the petals to make raised bumps.

After the flowers were done, I embossed the tiny background dots by taping the parchment onto a bold straight grid, and embossing in a square pattern. For the border, I used a curved multi prong perforator to make scallop shapes, embossed these, then cut them out with…

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