Holiday Crafts: Keeping it Simple with Paper Ornaments!

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If it’s cold where you are and the kids are about ready to call it a holiday from school, it might be time to break out the crafts!

If you need a fun, simple, hands-on craft that is colorful, works with all ages, and works with what you likely already have around the house, this post is for you! How about making paper rosettes? One of my favorite ornaments on our tree came from this process! So simple. So sweet. So very easy.

Supplies:        cmlivepapercraftsupplies

  • paper (cut into identical squares, 3 per rosette);
  • tape (double-sided is nice);
  • (or) glue/adhesive (if you don’t have tape);
  • markers/pens/crayons/pencils;
  • scissors;
  • ruler or straight edge (opt);
  • string (opt).

Notes about paper:

You can use decorated papers, if you like. Or, you can just use plain paper and have your kids decorate the paper themselves.  Lighter paper weights will work better…

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