Santa’s MallowPuff Reindeer

Each year my little boy’s classmates write out Christmas cards for all their friends. A week or so ago I asked him if he wanted to reciprocate and after thinking for a while, his comment was: “Not this year, but let’s make something”. Oki doki, now I’m always up for that so we began looking through recipe books and magazines to find something simple yet “Christmassy”. And no, I wasn’t interested in cupcakes!

Santa's MallowPuff Reindeer

Our local supermarket has a monthly foodie magazine that I buy occasionally, depending on what they have on the cover and whether it catches my interest or not. This month, their December edition has some sort of berry log on it, but what really made up my mind was these gorgeous little MallowPuff Reindeer which ticked all the boxes. Now for those of you that don’t know what a MallowPuff is, it is a dome shaped biscuit…

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