Easy, Ruffled Burlap and Ruffled Ribbon Christmas Cones

Crafts 'n Coffee

I have an easy, and pretty, Christmas topiary idea today. If you’re still in a food coma, these easy Christmas Cones are a fun way to wake up and get in the Christmas crafting spirit. Do you remember Patty Schaffer’s Ruffled Burlap Halloween Cones? Patty used the same technique to make both the Ruffled Burlap Christmas Cones, and the sweet Ruffled Ribbon Cones. You won’t believe how fast you can make these!

Ruffled burlap for Christmas? Yes, please! Wired ribbon makes these soo easy! CraftsnCoffee.comYou can find rolls of wired ribbon everywhere, from craft stores to dollar stores. I think the hardest part will be choosing just one or two prints.

To make a Ruffled Burlap Christmas Cone, you’ll need:

  • STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam: 9” or 12” cone
  • Wired burlap ribbon in a Christmas print, 2-1/2” wide (If your ribbon is a different width, that’s o.k. You’ll just use a different number of layers to cover your cone.)

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