Dolly Varden Fairy Cake

The Lemon Grove Cake Diaries

Dolly Varden Fairy Cake with handcrafted sugar figurine

A couple of weeks ago I had a very important client order a cake. She was very specific about her requirements: “I like pink” she stated….”oh and fairies…. I like fairies a lot!” After a bit of a pause she imparted one last piece of information “I’m going to be four”.

So with those important details, and a request from the birthday girl’s grandmother of a “Dolly Varden” cake, I channelled my inner four year old and set to work designing. If you are unfamiliar with the Dolly Varden cake it is a cake made into the shape of a skirt with a plastic doll stuck in the top. Nowadays you don’t have to saw your child’s favourite Barbie in half, you can purchase a Dolly Varden doll to go on top. They are basically the torso of a plastic doll stuck on a skewer. I have to say, when I look at them I think…

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