Christmas Cupcakes

Gloverly Cupcakes

20131215-215412.jpg This weekend, I’ve definitely started to feel Christmassy. Tom was working (again!) so I spent all day yesterday baking and wrapping presents. Today I saw pretty much everyone in the family – first we had a roast at my Auntie Ann’s house with everyone from my mum’s side of the family and then we over to see my Great Auntie Joan who had just arrived from American and most of my dad’s side of the family was there. When I got back I was still feeling festive so I decided to make some Christmas cupcakes.

20131215-220839.jpg The elves are probably my favourite – how cute are those little pointy ears? I think they might be too cute to eat. They were made in a very similar way to the baby boy cupcakes I made about a year ago. For details, click here.

20131215-222210.jpg I’ve seen lots of designs for snowmen cupcakes…

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