DIY: Easy origami stars

1480676_10202565812768029_1320079685_nFor the Christmas dance at school I had to do some decorations and I decided to show you how to make the ones I enjoyed doing the most. These are the small origami stars. We decided to make a garland from them, and now I thought it would be nice to share how to make them. I learnt to make these several years ago, so I don’t have an exact source from where I learnt how to make them, but I am sure you can find plenty of videos on YouTube.

You will need:

Origami paper [not necessary, but use it if you have it]

Regular piece of paper [any kind, colored, blank, newspaper. Anything BUT cardboard-might be too hard to fold]





1. Get your blank piece of paper and draw lines to make your strips of paper. I let 1.5cm distance between each strip. For…

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