It’s That Time of Year …


Next year, when I sit down to write this, I’ll be able to call it “It’s That Time of Year Again”, but since this is the first installation of what I hope to make an annual tradition, I’ll have to settle for an awkward, half-finished-sounding title. While I thought when I sat down to write this that it would end up being a “year in review” type of thing, I realized that I’d need a lot more time, caffeine, and ibuprofen to do justice to the actual events of 2013. To paraphrase the great Charles Dickens, this past year was the best of times and the worst of times. But when I was able to step back from the events and happenings of the year themselves, and instead zero-in on what all of those events meant, it narrowed down the scope of this little soliloquy.

As it happens, December is…

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