Winter Penguins from Soda Bottles

Do It And How

penguin-plastic-bottle-craftYou’ll need:

  • 2 soda bottles (same size)
  • Paint, assorted colors
  • Fabric strips
  • Yarn

1. Cut bottles – adults only! (Make sure to use clean, dry bottles)

(1.5 Optional: add beans or another dry item for weight.)

2. Fit the short end over the long one.

3. Hot glue closed.

4. Paint base coat white all over whole form. Let dry. (You may find that first scuffing up the surface lightly with a piece of sandpaper will help the paint adhere. Make sure to wipe off excess debris before painting though!)

5. Outline the body shape (think of it as a heart with a flat bottom). And then paint over the white in center so it has a good coat. Let dry.

6. Paint rest of body black. let dry. This may take more than 1 coat. Let dry completely.

7. Paint hat base color. Let dry. Give 2nd coat if…

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