My Jesus saves cross globe.

my Jesus saves cross globe.

Made with parts found on the internet.


Penguin Bowling Cake

Gloverly Cupcakes


Why did the penguin cover his eyes?

20140102-215403.jpg Because Father Christmas was about to bowl a Christmas pudding at him!

20140102-215640.jpg This year Tom was working on Christmas Day. He’s been pretty lucky – it’s the first year he’s had to work since he qualified as a doctor and a couple of years ago he even made it back from Afghanistan for Christmas. Since Tom was working, I decided not to take much holiday so that I can save it up for when Tom is off. However, this meant that I had hardly any time to do any Christmas baking.

20140102-215842.jpg I made this cake in the evening on Christmas Eve for Tom to take to work on Christmas Day. However, I also had a massive list of other things to do (including baking Christmas presents!) so I ran out of time and didn’t finish decorating it. On Christmas morning, after taking Tom…

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