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Piping is not one of my greatest skills, but i do believe in challenging myself when ever given the opportunity. I had myself so stressed out (for months) as time crept closer to the due date of this cake. Cake decorating, as an expensive hobby, isn’t something you can just sit there and practice, unless you have an excess of time or money, or have someone who would want to buy your “lab rat” cakes. I had no idea how I was going to construct this cake until I was physically there, in my step mothers kitchen, cake filled and covered, piping bag in hand. “Where do I start?” I kept saying “I have to do this before that, but I have to do that before this!” A little bit overwhelming. Just stop and think. Pick something and get going. Always know what your next move is going to be.

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Lisa Lyttle’s Cake in Weddingbells Magazine!!!

A Lyttle More

I want to share one of my ultimate dreams before opening the doors of my cake company, I’ve always wanted to be in Weddingbells Magazine.  It’s one of the BIGGEST Bridal Magazines in all of Canada and I wanted my cake to be in it!  Well back in May, I had the opportunity!

Weddingbells scoped me out and asked me if I could make a cake for their magazine and website under the prestigious title of “Prettiest Cakes in Canada 2013″

WOW!  Weddingbells wanted me in their magazine…needless to say, I was floored and extremely honoured! Just a little over a year from opening the doors of cake business and one of my biggest goals was achieved!!!  Take a look at my creation for the magazine:


Weddingbells Magazine 2013

So this was the picture I took when the cake was complete.  I was going for a romantic/vintage inspired look.  I…

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