Creating Paper Roses – Technique #1 (Using Patterned Petals and securing with Elmer’s Glue)

MalibuNinja Über Geek

I have been looking into all the various ways to create flowers using paper.  There are so many ways to do this that it’s almost overwhelming!  So I am posting a few different sets of instructions with different techniques, tools and results.  I haven’t gotten time to test these yet so bear with me and let me know if you try them before I do!!

Step 1: Gather Supplies and Tools

Supplies and tools for this craft are very minimal.




Pen, pencil or marker

Clamps (if available)

Paper can be construction paper, copy paper, old book pages, gift backs, gift wrap, scrapbook pages, newspaper,English: This is a paper bag from Victory Supermarkets (Photo credit: Wikipedia) brown paper bags…. Etc. Tissue paper is not recommended.

Step 2: Draw Various Parts on Paper

After some practice you can skip outlining the pieces and just cut them out.

Shown are…

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