Cupcake flower basket


This cup cake flower basket was so easy that I will make it again and get every cupcake looking a bit more like a perfect rose- but I think this is good enough to post.

All you need is a container, big enough to take a round flower oasis. You can use wet or dry types of oasis. I had to buy dry as my floral supplier was out of that size in ‘wet’, -sold out, she says, because of high demand by cake makers!

  • Weigh down your basket with stones.You do need this for stability, especially as you are going to ice it after they are on the sphere.
  • Simply cover the oasis in cling film and them place it securely in the container, sellotaping to the container.
  • Cover with tissue paper or pretty napkin and Sellotape that securely.
  • Fix the cupcakes to the sphere using cocktail sticks. I…

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