Candy box cake.

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Flowercart Resurrection: Elephant and Flower Cart

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My first flower cart was built when I was in 6th grade and it was my 6th grade teacher’s project. She had us read a book called the Pushcart Wars and we were called upon to create a working pushcart that moved and sold something. My mom helped me build the most beautiful flower cart, the teacher gave me an A without having me present it. However, due to unforseen circumstances, the pushcart was lost so I vowed to make my mom another one.

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It took me another year to make her one but  I constructed it from a flat piece of wood. I handpainted all the flower pots on the frame, hot glued flowers into the pots and ordered countless wheels on-line. There’s a clock on the other side to tell time. The top flowers were created with wire and beads that were strung on. The wheels…

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Easy and fun way to use thoes old candle jars


Do you save the jar of your candles after they have finished burning? Well you might want to start after reading this. An easy way to make those jars useful again is so easy and it will turn out gorgeous.
What you need:
-An old candle jar
-Glitter of your choice
-Paint brush
-Rubbing alcohol
First what you want to do is remove any leftover wax from the bottom of the jar. There are many ways to do this, you can pop the candle in the freezer overnight and then pry it out with a spoon. Or you can run it under hot water for about a minute, and the leftover wax should slide out.

Then you want to wash the jar with soapy water to get any soot or wax residue off. Then give it a nice rub down with rubbing alcohol. Oh and if there are any…

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