Flowercart Resurrection: Elephant and Flower Cart

Pull My String Amigurumi


My first flower cart was built when I was in 6th grade and it was my 6th grade teacher’s project. She had us read a book called the Pushcart Wars and we were called upon to create a working pushcart that moved and sold something. My mom helped me build the most beautiful flower cart, the teacher gave me an A without having me present it. However, due to unforseen circumstances, the pushcart was lost so I vowed to make my mom another one.

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It took me another year to make her one but  I constructed it from a flat piece of wood. I handpainted all the flower pots on the frame, hot glued flowers into the pots and ordered countless wheels on-line. There’s a clock on the other side to tell time. The top flowers were created with wire and beads that were strung on. The wheels…

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