Panda (Free Pattern)


Following my post last week, and the mention of there being thousands of owl patterns in the crochet world, Kim from KreepyKim’s Freak Boutique and I started discussing other animals we wanted to see rendered in yarn. I decided I wanted to see a realistic baby panda. There are some adorably cute cartoony panda patterns out there (special shout out to Pandappleby AmiguruMEI). There are a couple of realistic panda patterns I found too, but nothing that looked quite right to me. All a little old. I wanted these aged pandas:

How cute is silly panda?!

I’m not quite sure I managed to really babyficate my panda, but here’s the result (Yarndango46):

Amiguruthi PandaAmiguruthi Panda

I was going for sorta slumped forward (because baby panda are apparently made from the same kind of fluid as cats). He’s not quite as slumpy as I’d intended, but he hit the cuteness factor…

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